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The last few years have been challenging for voice calls. Despite the fact that it’s still an effective way for businesses to reach customers, illegal robocallers have cast a shadow over the power of telephone calls to initiate or advance a conversation with a customer. How? By exploiting technology that has resulted in consumers being bombarded with a deluge of fraudulent calls, while using prohibited caller ID spoofing to mask their true identity.

In 2019, Americans received more than 58 billion robocalls. The sheer volume of these calls is a powerful testament to the enduring power and relevancy of the telephone. But when reports show that 76% of consumers no longer answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers, it’s a problem for businesses and consumers alike.

Unfortunately, some of the prescribed fixes, such as using call blocking technology to stop fraudulent calls, also inadvertently penalizes legitimate businesses and call centers by blocking those calls too. Fortunately, iconectiv is helping solve that problem and restore consumer confidence in voice and caller ID with TruReach Intel.

TruReach Intel is a centralized approach to verify the legitimacy of business callers. It provides reliable data that service providers can use to authenticate calls so that consumers can trust the information on their caller ID once again.

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How does TruReach Intel verify legitimate business calls and prevent them from being labeled as spam? It leverages a centralized telephone number platform with verified information about each telephone number and the company who owns or leases it. This numbering data empowers service providers to correctly treat each call and present verified caller information that their customers would be able to trust with no reservations. It helps prevent legitimate businesses and call centers from incorrectly being labeled as spam, which helps call answer rates. Most importantly, it allows consumers to trust their caller ID once again, which allows them to make an informed decision about whether or not to answer the call.

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Businesses that rely on telephone calls for customer interactions and engagement can benefit from the greater ease and efficiency that TruReach Intel provides. Here’s how:

Businesses, such as call centers, register the telephone numbers they use for customer outreach and notifications with TruReach Intel. The telephone numbers are then verified. Upon verification, the data is shared with all voice service providers and robocall-blocking companies. As a centralized resource for the industry, TruReach Intel helps businesses save countless hours in telephone tag and capital expenditures, dramatically increasing efficiency and profitability while also boosting consumer engagement and call answer rates.

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TruReach Intel verifies legitimate calls so service providers and end users can trust the authenticity of caller ID again, while helping businesses such as call centers more quickly and easily connect with their customers.

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Legitimate businesses and call centers can have their caller ID verified with a checkmark, so consumers can be sure of the caller’s identity and are confident that it is authentic.

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The centralized architecture creates greater efficiencies for businesses, allowing the verification and authentication of all their telephone numbers with multiple service providers at once.