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A2P Messaging Simplified




A2P messaging workflows streamlined & standardized


For SMS aggregators, the A2P messaging approval process can seem unwieldy and unnecessarily complex. Because each service provider has its own requirements, aggregators must submit applications to each separately—duplicating both time and effort. As a result, each discrete approval must be individually tracked, resulting in the loss of precious time due to frequent ping ponging back and forth between requests and resubmissions.


TruReach Intel: A Simplified Solution


iconectiv® TruReach Intel eliminates unnecessary complication. It’s an interactive, web-based solution that dramatically simplifies the Application to Person (A2P) mobile messaging process. How? By allowing aggregators to meet the requirements of all service providers with one common submission form. With TruReach Intel, instead of filling out one application eight times, you are essentially filling out eight applications one time.


TruReach Intel saves time, reduces errors and dramatically simplifies your workflow with:

  • Ability to leverage previous applications as a template, reducing errors and delays
  • Self-check functionality to ensure submissions are complete
  • Real-time chat for better communication between submitter and reviewer, providing a connection that can speed the review process
  • Intuitive dashboard that offers the information you need to seamlessly track the status of each messaging campaign.


About iconectiv

At iconectiv, we envision a world without boundaries, where the ability to access and exchange information is simple, secure and seamless. As the authoritative partner of the communications industry for more than 30 years, our market-leading solutions enable the interconnection of networks, devices, and applications for more than two billion people every day. Working closely with private, government and non-governmental organizations, iconectiv has intimate knowledge of the intricacies and complexities of creating, operating and securing the telecommunications infrastructure for service providers, regulators, enterprises and content providers.