What is the TruReach platform?

TruReach is an omnichannel business communications platform that helps you strengthen relationships with targeted, trusted and timely communications that drive revenue and consumer engagement.

What is TruReach Intel?

iconectiv TruReach Intel is an interactive, web-based solution that simplifies voice, text and chatbot authentication to enable legitimate businesses provide a better, more trustworthy customer experience from a single registration point.

Can TruReach Intel effectively verify voice calls, text messages and chatbot conversations?

Yes. TruReach Intel streamlines omnichannel verification for all business telecommunications. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provides legitimate brands and the service providers that support them with a streamlined, straightforward way to register business phone numbers, SMS short codes and RCS chatbots, get them independently validated and then have that information distributed to service providers. Consumers benefit because they can trust the information displayed, so they no longer fall victim to fraud or waste time responding to unsolicited calls and messages.

How does TruReach Intel effectively verify voice calls, text messages, and chatbot conversations?

TruReach Intel helps disparate entities agree on vetting criteria and then view, track, monitor and manage the shared approval process. A dashboard view provides transparency.

What types of businesses can benefit from using TruReach Intel?

Legitimate businesses that are communicating via voice calls, text messages and/or chatbots can use this this solution to improve their reach to end users by verifying their identity. Examples of the types of businesses that may benefit from this solution include service providers, call centers, messaging companies and enterprises.

How will TruReach Intel work with my existing tools?

TruReach Intel complements your existing tools and can be customized to meet your specific network requirements.

Can TruReach Intel be customized with a portal or API based on my business' needs?

Customizable features are available. Our expert team of specialists are happy to talk you through the options. Please contact sales to discuss your specific needs.

How is TruReach Intel priced?

The price of TruReach Intel varies depending on a customer’s specific needs. Please contact sales with inquiries about pricing.

Is TruReach Intel available globally?

Yes, TruReach Intel is available globally.

Is there a TruReach Intel demo available? How do I schedule a demo?

Yes, we do. Please visit our Request a Demo page for more information.

What are the benefits of a centralized database for verification?

A centralized database for verification allows a neutral, trusted third party handle attestation. A higher level of protection is essential in today’s omnichannel environment to help ensure consumer trust across all major B2C communication channels: voice, SMS and RCS Business Messaging chatbots. A single, industry-approved authority streamlines verification and signing for operators and brands across platforms while ensuring their identity is protected via a secure registry.

What is the Attestation Gap? Why should I care?

The SHAKEN standard and framework attaches a digital signature to a voice call that helps give consumers confidence that it is from a verified and legitimate business. Calls are given labels (called “attestations”) – A, B and C. The “A” label indicates that a caller’s identity is fully verified. Partial “B” or Gateway “C” attestations will not receive a “verified caller” label.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can reach the team of TruReach Intel experts by calling +1 844-295-7551 or by emailing IntelSupport@iconectiv.com.

How do I get started with TruReach Intel for RCS?

To request access to the TruReach Intel RCS platform, please click the Get Started link, provide the requested info and then submit. Our Customer Support team will contact you to gather some additional data required to onboard your company. Then, you will receive an email with a link to access the Create Account page.