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Mobile commerce is poised to take a great leap forward, powered by Rich Communication Services (RCS). RCS provides the engine to drive the next era of consumer engagement. For the first time, RCS enables businesses to leverage the full scope and functionality of the mobile experience — including video, audio, hi-res photos, secure end-to-end payment and of course, conversational AI chatbots — directly into native text applications on smartphones. Simply put, RCS turns the common text app into one of the most sophisticated and powerful e-commerce tools ever created.


A2P messaging

This new wave of application-to-person (A2P) messaging and chatbots represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for businesses. It gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers in a far more targeted, relevant and compelling way than ever before. Best of all, consumers don’t need to open a stand-alone app to get these next-gen rich business messages (RBM). They’re as quick, easy and convenient as the standard text message everyone is familiar with.

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the data backs it up

In a 2019 Vodafone trial, 80% of customers read an RBM message, with 25% responding to the offer. By 2021, RBM is forecasted to be a $74 billion market. To maximize the unparalleled potential of RCS rich business messaging, consumers must have confidence in the communication channel. That’s where we come in. TruReach Intel helps ensure trust by authenticating and verifying chatbots and messages, so customers know you are who you say you are. The result: trust, managed at scale.

verification simplified

TruReach Intel is a neutral and secure way to streamline RCS verification. It provides a digital signature to verify businesses and their corresponding chatbots so consumers know that the message is truly from that company. It also streamlines and simplifies the entire verification process for messaging aggregators. Supported by iconectiv’s extensive base of authoritative data, the centralized verification process eliminates the need to register with each service provider.

The centralized verification process is preferable and less costly than untested self-attestation processes and is more reliable because all parties adhere to the same standards and processes across the entire communications ecosystem. That creates a unified playing field for all legitimate businesses and a roadblock for fraudsters and spammers.

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centralized verification vs self-verification?

Understanding the pros and cons is critical before deciding what is right for your business.



verification central for stakeholders

Service providers, businesses, messaging aggegrators, regulators — not to mention the telecom industry as a whole — are constantly on the offense against fraud. At great expense, they work to protect the public from fraudulent chatbot messages. If a spammer slips through the safety net, it puts these collective efforts in jeopardy. TruReach Intel works against bad actors by serving as “verification central” for RCS chatbot initiatives.

TruReach Intel helps service providers, messaging aggregators and application providers simplify campaign management thanks to robust reporting and a powerful centralized database that allows for easier verification.

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service providers

Enjoy the legitimacy TruReach Intel grants their business customers. By verifying the identity of their business customers’ chatbots and RCS messaging, it enhances the service they provide for legitimate businesses who wish to engage their customers with confidence.

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Depend on the trust that comes when chatbots are verified and provided with a digital signature to protect them from impersonation from fraudsters. Many consumers are new to chatbot interactions. Seeing the verified logo in their native text app instills confidence.

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message aggregators

Rely on TruReach Intel because it dramatically streamlines processes for verification and helps to eliminate the need to register individually with each service provider.

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Rely on the legitimacy TruReach Intel bestows on the conversational commerce channel. In an industry that loses billions to fraud every year, having an independent source of verification is critical.